Classic European is based on the European concept of healing and nurturing skin. This revitalizing facial includes deep cleansing, customized exfoliation, and extractions (as needed).   A treatment masque is applied followed by appropriate moisturizer, and sunscreen. 

60 Minutes $65              90 Minutes $95


Ultra Sonic/LED Facials are holistic and are the preferred alternative to micro dermabrasion.  The ablation process gently removes dead skin cells without irritation or inflammation by spinning water molecules.  Ultrasonic waves drive hydrating and nourishing ingredients into the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production.  Sound waves treat pigmentation and acne.  LED uses light waves to heal and calm imflammation.  Blue light is specifically for acne, amber promotes collagen and elastin formation therefore reducing lines and wrinkles.

60 Minutes $100          90 Minutes $ 139 


Lifting Code Facial creates a lightening and brightening effect for your complexion.  The active ingredients produce lasting tightening and firming results.  This treatment can be done in conjunction with the Lifting Code Eye Treatment.  Treatment includes specialized ultra sonic/led machines. 

60 minutes $150             90 Minutes $200


Anti Aging/Hydrating Facial hydrates, desensitizes, and revitilizes stressed dehydrated skin.  Micro encapsulated amino acids, vitamins, and proteins provide the skin with life giving anti aging ingredients  

90 minutes $90


List of additional treatments:

Deep Penetrating Hydrating       Collagen and Elastin      Anti Aging Eye            Power Repair for Pigmentation              DNA for Large Pores  Stem Cell Rejuvenation for Cell Revitilization


Peels:  MicroRetinol, Glycolic, Lactic, Jessners, and TCA.  Pricing available and is subject to specific skin needs. Please ask for customised treatment quote.


Please call for monthly specials and updates of new treatment availability.


Hair Removal 

Eye Brow       $15      Lip or Chin     $15

Full Face       $40      Half Arm      $30

Back or Chest $50


Lash and Brow  Dye      $15 Each

Make Up Application and lessons available by appointment.


    All pricing subject to consultation with facialist


                Gift Certificates Available





All French Garden treatments are custom designed for the specific needs of the clients skin.